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We are creating a textile artwork for permanent display in the new Blackheath Community Library & Reminiscence Space when it reopens later this year. We are working on a design that captures the history of 11 Blackheath Village, and what it has meant to users and residents, as it moves forward into this new phase.

Key images will be fitted into a design that can be constructed out of individually crafted pieces, using knitting, applique, embroidery and other techniques. These will then be brought together to make the complete picture.

Training and support will also be provided, and there will be opportunities to create, whatever your skills and experience. If you'd like to join us, email me: or watch this space for more details.

This project is supported by Age Exchange

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sweet progress

...It's been a while, but we have not been idle.  Things are beginning to take shape, from the yummy liquorice allsorts, everton mints and gobstoppers for the sweet jars, to the tree which is the centrepiece of the garden.

Ivy's liquorice allsorts Hetty's treeMary's everton mints
The kite has been knitted and the dress appliqued; the basket has been wired along the top, ready to be filled with cakes. Jam and marmalade jars, porch windows and teddy bear are all currently being knitted, and the first metre of the edging (about 8 metres in all) has been completed. We have some maroon felt, just the right colour for the porch itself.

Mary's first yard of edging basket June knitting a window
On Thursday we made a start on the doll's house, which will be a patchwork of 70 x 6.5cm knitted squares, with windows, also knitted, appliqued on top. Next under the design spotlight is the film projector. I have some dark green, firm, shiny cotton yarn, which I think would crochet rather well into that shape, and be a light interpretation of the solid metal object.

If anyone would still like to get involved, there are more squares needed for the doll's house, knitted shapes for the people, pom pom bushes, yards of edging, as well as the more elaborate camera, dancers and record player to be created, so do get in touch.  The Knitting Group meets every Thursday 1.30 - 3.30 pm, in the Bakehouse off Bennett Park, Blackheath or email me here.

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