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We are creating a textile artwork for permanent display in the new Blackheath Community Library & Reminiscence Space when it reopens later this year. We are working on a design that captures the history of 11 Blackheath Village, and what it has meant to users and residents, as it moves forward into this new phase.

Key images will be fitted into a design that can be constructed out of individually crafted pieces, using knitting, applique, embroidery and other techniques. These will then be brought together to make the complete picture.

Training and support will also be provided, and there will be opportunities to create, whatever your skills and experience. If you'd like to join us, email me: or watch this space for more details.

This project is supported by Age Exchange

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lots has been happening behind the scenes, and I hope this blog will bring together the design process so far.
The long list of themes that came out of the initial reminiscence session was Museum, Shop, Café, Exhibitions, Garden, Computer Suite, Theatre, Bakehouse, Reminiscence Training, History of the Building and the Village. Some of these were easier to find striking images to represent than others.
On 15th March we looked through a lot of possible images and came up with a short list. You can see most of them here Original Images
These are the original colour images that Amanda then used to simplify into outline drawings. These drawings can been seen here Sketches.
Amanda has now put some of these sketches together into an initial design for the whole piece, which you can see here Design.
Obviously, these are just shapes at this stage. These are Amanda's thoughts on how some of them might be achieved:
"I am imagining that some of the items are 3D (such as the teddy, people,kite), some of the parts are appliqued (the string and bows of the kite,Waylands signature) and some parts are printed onto canvas (the musical score).
"The border around the image is taken from the lace, that was on the cloth that used to be drapped above the black stove in the shop (could this be a crochet element?) in the design it is supposed to represent the lace edge of a table cloth, so if coloured in the edging background of the design could be red with white dots, like the table clothes that used to be in the cafe."
Now we need to look at the design from two points of view - does it include the main elements that we want, and how can each element can be made in practice. That's quite a lot to think about! All comments are welcome, and I will contact you soon about the next stage.

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